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Personal Photography Services

Simple Portrait
Creative Portrait

Newborn Photography

Its a Celebration of New life 

1 hr    |    $90

Onsite Shoot: Lindsey

Insta-Perfect (1hr )

Simple, Affordable with time to spare

1 hr    |    $90

Onsite Shoot: Alex

Insta-Perfect  (30min)

Easy, Simple, Affordable

30 min    |    $60

Simple Black and White Portrait

Black and White Portrait

In black and white photos the subject becomes everything.

30 min    |    $100

Personalized Shoot: Kinsey

Personalized Photo Shoot

The Sweet Sixteen of Photoshoots

2 hr    |    $295

Pink Shoot with male model

Creative Shoot: Think Pink

What does the color pink mean to you?

45 min  | $125

Painted Portrait: Alex

Creative Portrait: Painted

Express yourself with color

45 min    |    $150

Modest Boudoir

Boudoir for Her (In-Home)

Express your sensual side, your sexy side

1 hr    |    $150


In Home Boudoir

Boudoir for Him (In Home)

Boudoir, it's not only for women

1 hr    |    $150


Sensual Photography

Boudoir for Couples (In Home)

Boudoir for Two?

1 hr    |    $175

Hotel Boudoir Session

Boudoir Somewhere New

How exciting

1 hr    |    $225

boudoir and me 1_edited.jpg


Somewhere New for Couples

Take it to the next level

1 hr    |    $275

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