Client Showcase

Here At Bolder Than Black Portraits Should Be Fun, Reflective, and Inspiring!

In Order for this to be true, the Client must understand their reason Why. 

Why are you taking this Photoshoot? 

Outdoor Photoshoots


Meet Andy

Why: Aspiring Actor wanted to practice being in front of the camera.

good portraits showing good body angles, facial expressions.

Where: Outdoor shoot with 2 locations- local arboretum for nature setting and local train station for an urban setting 

Meet Alex

Why: Monument current life status of living in Raleigh NC.

Personal self-reflection turned memory of current life status.

Where: Downtown Raleigh- the place currently called home with memories of meetups and nights out.

Meet Ebony

Why: Show off fitness progress, emulate strength and progress, and monument current fitness status

Where: Outdoor shoot in a local park to give the natural, backyard warrior aesthetic 

Meet Sheridan

Why: With the start of her hair company desired photos that captured her personality and her curl pattern

Where: out door photoshoot in a local greenhouse 

Boudoir Photoshoots


Meet Lindsey

Why: Commemorate her growing self-appreciation and celebrate recent changes and levels of growth within her personal life

Where: Somewhere new boudoir photo shoot took us to a local hotel in Raleigh with an interior that allowed for multiple settings

Meet The Couple

Why: fun photoshoot to capture the passion of the relationship

Where: Bolder Than Black studio setting where simple portraiture can focus on mood and expression