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About Bolder Than Black

About Bolder Than Black

"This is the Art of Story Telling"

Bolder Than Black is an art, photography, and design company that specializes in the art of storytelling.  Bolder Than Black is based on the sole belief that a good photograph can tell a story.  It is from this idea, the founder created services for people and businesses who desire photography and design that can tell their stories in an artistic and conceptual way.  This isn't your average photography studio.  

For the Local Business or Developing Brand:

Business photography and design services provide advice, personalized ideas and solutions to create content that best fits your business and brand.  Think of us as your image consultant.  Our focus is on how your business looks in the eyes of your clients, customers, the general public,  and telling the story of why you are in business.

For the Individual: 

Personal services are reserved for those looking for portraits that go beyond the basic photography session.  Themed Sessions are designed to engage your creative spirit and enhance your personality for a photograph you'll want to show off.  Themed options range from classic portraiture to high fashion and boudoir. 

For the Art Enthusiast:


The Gallery is an online art gallery that gives local artists and collaborators a stage to perform their stories.   


About Bolder Than Black

Our Mission

"To create artistic photography, intentional design, and meaningful art that leaves a lasting positive impression and encourages community engagement."

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